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"Strange New World"

All songs written & composed by Signe Gry Thorup & Vesa Haapanen. Self released debut in the summer 2011. Recorded in both London, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lapland and Zimbabwe. Final mixing and mastering by the renowned and award winning sound engineer James Towler at:
Wincraft Music Studios. UK.

"Solitaire & Strange New Mixes"

We had the pleasure of working with number of well established and up and coming remixers on this project. This album includes remixes of our track "Solitaire" by Gauzz (aka Jazzbox), Mr. Banx, Svensker & SKV18.. It also includes few remixes of "Paradise" by Jo Webb, Andy North, Diesler, Pest, Profile25, DJ Badaban, and also "The One" by D.R.M.


Signe and Vesa met at music college in London, and started collaborating in 2009. Leaving Atlantis was born out of the instant musical chemistry they discovered together, and they describe their sound as 'sort of progressive electro-acoustic pop'.

With her smoky, warm, ethereal and clear-sounding voice, Signe has roots in the UK club scene: singing in DJ sets, performing in clubs and featuring as vocalist on several white label releases. Alongside Leaving Atlantis, she is a feat. vocalist on other projects including a recent EP release from Swedish popstep/drum'n' bass duo Modual called Choose Your Confusion.

Vesa is a professional session drummer who has toured with live band Pest (Ninja Tune) and folk singer/songwriter Martin Newnham. He is also a percussionist, programmer/producer, writer, arranger and drum teacher.

Leaving Atlantis is:

Signe Gry Thorup: Vocals, Tenorion, Lyrics and Composition

Vesa Haapanen: Drums, Keyboards & Synthesizers, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Percussion, Electric & Acoustic pianos, Electric bass, Flute, Kalimba, Programming, Composition, Mixing, Arranging and Production

Also featuring:

Jo Webb: Mixing engineer, Additional programming, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Sound design
James Towler: Recording engineer & Mastering
Miska Salminen: Electric Bass on "The Hill", "Your Blues" & "Strange New World"
Andy Parkin: Violin on "Solitaire"
Mikki Kauste: Backing vocals on "The Hill"
Tom Marriott: Trombone on "Versus" & "Strange New World"
Wayne Urquhart: Cello on "Solitaire" & "Da Capo"
Martin Newnham: Backing Vocals on "The Hill"
Heikki Haapanen: Saxophone on "The Hill"
Jerry Parsons: Acoustic Guitar on "No Zeros"
Anthony: Badoing on "No Zeros"
Ben Craf: Violin on "Versus"
Adam White: Acoustic Guitar on "Strange New World"


Written By Signe Gry Thorup & Vesa Haapanen.
Video created By Vesa Haapanen.